Michalis Nourloglou, distinguished Executive Chef,  introduces us to Mr. Nikos Archolekas, his mentor, in his favorite activity, fishing and to Mr. Tassos Vlassis, one of the most important Greek restaurant owners, owner of the Kavos restaurant in Isthmia. All three of them combine their knowledge and experience in a three-hour lecture on fish. Responsible fishing, sustainability of marine resources, choice of raw material, locality, seasonality, promotion and utilization of raw material, in a holistic approach that will answer all your questions about fish.

Participants can register in groups of 2 for the big competition that will follow, on the subject of Fish. The winners of the competition will win either a unique fishing experience with Executive Chef Michalis Nourloglou, or the opportunity to enjoy a unique meal at the Kavos restaurant. Participation will be on a first come, first served basis.


Day one: Wednesday 18/03/2020, theoretical lecture

Day two: Friday 27/03/2020 Competition for the best recipe

Special prices for LE MONDE students & graduates. Reservation is required at 210 8211700 or by filling out the form below.


Μιχάλης Νουρλόγλου, Nίκος Αρχολέκας, Τάσος Βλάσσης
seminar date:
27/03/2020 - 09.45-13.05
Cost: 60€

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