LE MONDE’s Placement Office

has developed long-standing relationships with the world’s leading hospitality & tourism players, giving students and graduates the chance to network, interview, attend career presentations and meet industry representatives thus gaining access to the best career opportunities in the hospitality & tourism industry.

Is addressed to

Students & graduates

who wish to work but also graduates already working who wish to hire younger students/graduates.


from various industries, eager to engage with students and share career opportunities and insights.

  • Hotels
  • Tourist agencies
  • Shipping
  • Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Pastry shops
  • Bakery shops


Career Days

whick are open to all undergraduate and graduate students. During those, students will have the chance of a short interview for current or future openings, learn about the company and its products and the recruiting process.

Seminars and conferences

where tourism professionals offer their knowledge and experience to undergadute students and graduates so as to get to know the trends of the industry, draw new ideas for business development and form useful profesional contacts.

Our mission

is to offer students ideal contact and interview opportunities with prestigious companies during their studies and after graduation.

While working, students & graduates:

  • Gain professional experience
  • Attain time management skills
  • Practice for real-world employment
  • Apply theoretical coursework in a practical setting
  • Put themselves ahead of the competition
  • Expand their professional network, as the have the opportunity to network and create professional contacts

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