Advanced Professional Programme in Culinary Arts | Advanced Professional Programme in Pastry

LE MONDE Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies has an exclusive collaboration with a leading French School of Gastronomy in Paris, for those who are seeking to develop a career within the culinary environment of the hospitality industry. The international nature of the modern culinary environment is reflected in the content and delivery of this course, which is conducted in Athens and Paris.

  • 100% hands on training with a total of 120 teaching hours. Half of them are conducted by renowned LE MONDE Professors and the other half, by professors of the french school.
  • Participants will have the unique opportunity to learn the most innovative culinary techniques, advance their skills, enrich their gastronomic culture, discover their personal food styling and establish their culinary signature.
7 weeks
November 2024
November 2024

The programmes:

are addressed to culinary arts graduates and young culinary professionals with an adequate working experience.

The programmes offer:

  • Αdvanced training by appropriately qualified and experienced lecturers
  • Advanced training in a short period of time
  • Ability to move into a wide variety of areas within the Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism industry
  • Brilliant career prospects
  • Professional recognition
  • Εxceptional job benefits
  • Networking
  • Access to LE MONDE’s alumni club

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