Michelin-starred Executive Chef, Tassos Mantis and Slow Food Award winner Mr. Dimitris Dimou, in this two-day Workshop, take us on a tour in Aura at Trikala, to learn everything about the quality and breeding of such an important indigenous race. Executive chef, Tassos Mantis, will show us the most appropriate ways to taste this exquisite meat.

Day one: Wednesday 01/04/2020 One day trip to the farm «I kivotos toy Dimoy»  in Aura Trikala with lunch in a traditional tavern in the area

Day two: Thursday 02/04/2020 Laboratory presentation, LE MONDE

Special prices for LE MONDE students & graduates. Reservation is required at 210 8211700 or by filling out the form below.


Τάσος Μαντής, Δημήτρης Δήμου
seminar date:
2/04/2020 - 10.40-14.00
Cost: 120€

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