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Wine presentation from Domaine Evhraris

On Wednesday 25th April, at the facilities of le monde institute, students were given the chance to attend the presentation of wines from the domaine Evharis.

The presentation was made by Mr. Harrys Andoniou who is the owner of the winery and Mr. Gregory Skopelitis who is the oenologist.

The winery is located approximately 60kms from Athens, in the Megara region. It covers an area of 180 acres and is located at an altitude of 400m. it was in 1988 that Mr. Harry Andoniou and his wife Eva Maria Beme planted their first vines.

The students tasted wines such as: Domaine Evharis White, Domaine Evharis Red, Syrah Evharis red, Assyrtiko Evharis Surlie, Eva Sparkling wine and Epilogos. They had the chance to comment on the wines and Mr. Andoniou and Mr Skopelitis gave them information about the wine characteristics, the production and bottling process.

We would like to thank the Domaine Evharis and especially Mr Adoniou and Mr Skopelitis for their excellent presentation.