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Wine and the Media

On Wednesday 16th may, at Le Monde facilities, the students had the chance to take part in a discussion themed: wine and its place in the Media. At the head of the discussion was Mrs. Meropi Papadopoulou, editing manager of the magazine “ oinoxoos” of the Kathimerini. The discussion began and so did the venture for the “ creation of a new magazine”.

The discussion was warm and friendly. All participants had new and innovative ideas to share with the editing manager and the professors that also participated in this task.

“We should publish a magazine just for young people”, “start a campaign for wine promotion”, “advertise wine through the television”, and “promote wine in bars”. These were some of the ideas presented. What everybody agreed on, was the fact that apart from our Greek wine heritage, we should all try and learn more about wine and teach others about it.

time ran out. We decided to renew our date for another discussion. We would like to thank Mrs Papadopoulou for her presentation.