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Presentation of “Ktima Merkouri” winery

It is said to be one of the most beautiful wineries in Greece located at a historical farm in the region of Korakoxorio in the West Peloponnesus.
Ktima Merkouri was founded in 1864 and since then has cultivated olives and grapes and produced wines and olive oil of the finest quality.


With great pleasure, on Thursday 21st march, we welcomed Mr. Vasilis Kanelopoulos who along with his brother are the owners of the winery. Both follow the e traditional methods of cultivation and production of wines and this is what was presented to us. Participants had the chance to discuss with Mr. Kanelopoulos as well as taste some of the exquisite wines of the Ktima Merkouri. Participants learnt that at the Ktima Merkouri winery more than 15 Greek and other varieties are cultivated and that virgin olive oil is also produced.
It is worth mentioning that the winery is open to visitors. We would like to thank Mr. Kanelopoulos for his lovely presentation.