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Mission… “Placement office”

The Placement Office of LE MONDE Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies systematically deals with the direct placement of its students and graduates in the tourism industry.

Students who want to work and graduates that are already occupied in the tourism field and wish to recruit younger students/graduates can address to LE MONDE’S placement office.

The internship is particularly important for the students’ effective training and for the graduates’ professional networking. It is basically the ‘antechamber’ of their professional integration in the tourist area.

The Placement Office of LE MONDE, with responsibility and very good networking with top professionals of the culinary field, organizes and coordinates paid internship for all students. The right for placement is given to each student upon completion of one year of studies. The annual percentage of students accomplishing their internship is up to 95%.

Within the framework of the internship, the student:

  • Becomes part of the working  environment
  • Implements daily what he is taught
  • Enriches his knowledge in practical basis
  • Acquires experience so as to reinforce his cv
  • Gains recommendation letters
  • Creates the first professional acquaintances with people that play an important role in the Hospitality Management and the Tourism field.