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New Bartender programme starts at LE MONDE Institute

New Bartender programme starts at LE MONDE Institute, on May 13

This training program, aims at those who want to engage in any kind of catering business. The program is conducted in fully equipped professional laboratories and succeeds to initiate students into the secrets of the bar techniques.

The Bartender is the person behind the bar of every restaurant, hotel and bar and is responsible for preparing and offering the right drink. He knows the mixing dosages of alcohol and soft drinks, how to prepare a refreshing cocktail and how to serve and service the customers.

The course lasts 6 weeks and classes are held 3 times a week.

The programme includes:

Renowned professionals Bartenders as lecturers
Laboratory courses exclusively in professional Bar labs, within LE MONDE’S premises
Exclusive direct placement by the end of their studies, in distinguished bars and hotels
Flexible time schedule
Provision of books and notes
Wine tasting and savoury tests by leading companies of the tourism field
Educational visits

Information: +30210 4830500, info@lemonde.edu.gr

Published: 24/4/2013