Maria Tzitzi, chemist and oenologist at LE MONDE, was decorated Chevalier dans l ordre du Merite Agricole

Maria Tzitzi, chemist and oenologist at LE MONDE, received the official title of Chevalier dans l’ordre du Merite Agricole de la Republique Francaise. The official ceremony took place on Friday, February 27, at the Fouquet’s restaurant in Champs-Élysées, one of the best restaurants in Paris, whose name is linked with culture, art and cinema. The awarding of the medal, in the name of the French Republic, was made by the former director of the National French Institute, Alex Schaffer, person in charge of the rural development-INRA in Colmar (Alsace). Mr. Schaffer is an oenologist, who has also served as president of the “Union of Oenologists” of France and carries the rank of Officier dans l ordre du Merite Agricole.

The Award Ceremony took place in the presence of 130 international judges from France and around the world who participated in Vinalies, the international wine competition, that was held in Paris from 27/2-2/3. The selection of the dates was a proposal made by the Union of French oenologists and especially by the director of the union, Beatrice Da Ros, as a reward for Mr. Tzitzi’s contribution of knowledge, her ethos and the excellent cooperation with the oenologists of France for the past    15 years.

Congratulations to our oenologist, Maria Tzitzi for this unique dinstinction!