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Le Monde Bartender 2013

On Wednesday 9th January and for the second consecutive year, with the support of Condor Company, the Le Monde Bartender of the Year competition took place.
The main concept was the creation of classic cocktails with Angostura rum, which is distributed in Greece by Condor Company. There were 28 participants and all gave their best appearance despite the anxiety. They were all great!!

Mr. Ioannis Xaronitis won first place, Mrs. Lineta Kamenitsa second place and Mr. Theodoros Patistis won third place. The judges were: Mrs Marianna Boikou, marketing director of Kondor company, Mr Giannis Korovesis and Mr Akis Triadas, both professors at Le Monde and finally Mr Lalos Xatzopoulos our guest. The three first winners were offered an educational seminar at Le Monde institute worth 500euros, 300 euros and 200 euros accordingly.

All participants had a great time as they were given the opportunity to make fabulous cocktails as well as exchange opinions. At the end of the competition, a cocktail party followed during which many photos were taken. We would like to thank Kondor Company for its support well as Mrs Boikou for participating as a judge. In addition we would like to thank Mr. Korovesi, Mr Triadas, Mr Xatzopoulos and Mr Patestis. Le Monde Institute Bartender courses begin on 18th February.