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Hotel & Tourism Professionals’ Lectures 2013

The new programme made a dynamic start

This years’ program, began with a very interesting lecture on “Emerging and mature tourism markets. Greece, Turkey, North Africa, Spain. The two sides of the same coin”. Mr. Deriziotis Constantinos, editor of the “Money and Tourism” magazine, informed students about the competitive advantages of the new, emerging tourism markets, as well as the famous tourism destinations. He also focused on how Greek tourism is being promoted in relation to competing countries.

The presentation ended with students and Mr. Deriziotis talking about the future and the scope for improvement of the Greek tourism.

This lecture launched the new series of Hotel & Tourism Professionals’ Lectures for 2013. The lectures are addressed to all students of the Hotel and Tourism Management courses and aim at presenting the latest developments and trends in the tourism field, as they are presented by experts of the tourism field.

Published: 21/5/2013