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Cruising around the Aegean on the Louis Crystal

Le Monde Institute organized an excursion full of entertainment and education for its students.
On Friday 8th April we left the port of peiraus and headed towards Mykonos, Kusadasi/Efessos, heraklion and santorini.
On Friday evening we reached Mykonos well known for its white washed streets.
Early on Saturday morning we visited the archeological site of ancient Efessos. It is a site that represents the magnificent Greek civilization and on the same evening, we were in Patmos, one of the most important religious Greek islands. This is due to the existence of the Grotto of the Apocalypse and the monastery. Our next destination was Herklion in Crete where one can find the archeological site dedicated to the Minoan civilization.

The best was kept for last. The island of Santorini. The island where sunsets fill the sky with beautiful colours as the sun drops into the sea. On Monday morning we returned to the mainland.