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Tourism Management


Course Description

The “Tourism Management – Travel Agent” curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge in order to deal with the organization, operation and management of a travel or tourist agency.

The curriculum deals with tourism issues by providing essential knowledge concerning group transportation for entertainment, job, conferences etc. It also familiarizes students with the procedures needed for issuing plane or ferry tickets, hotel reservations, car and yachts rentals, organization of events and conferences. Moreover, it teaches students how to formulate complex packages and specializes them in tourism and air travel marketing.

The enrichment of the program with a series of specialized seminars and educational visits in hotels, tourist agencies, cruise ships and airports, gives students the possibility to familiarize with several tourist destinations and understand the demands of the quality customers service and of this profession .

At the end of their first year of studies and during the summer period, students have the opportunity to do their internship in tourist and travel agencies, so as to enhance their cv with the necessary longevity and familiarize with the areas of their expertise.

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Program Duration

The course lasts 2 years (4 academic semesters) and course sessions begin every October.

Indicative Course’s List

Curriculum covers the whole range of a tourist agency’s operation:

  •  Introduction to Air Services Operations
  •  Ticketing
  •  Principles of Logistics
  •  Principles of Tourism & European Policy
  •  Managing Incoming Tourism
  •  International Transportation Relations
  •  Customers Service, Vacation Packages Composition
  •  Communication Technique
  •  History of Greek Civilization
  •  Cargo Transfer
  •  Foreign language (english, french, german)
  •  Management of Tourist Agency
  •  Tourism Environmental Policy
  •  Dissertation
  •  Introduction to Commercial Law
  •  Principles of Tourism Legislation
  •  Computerized Reservations Systems (Galileo)
  •  Office Operation Systems
  •  Tourism Geography and travel guides
  •  Tourism and airline marketing
  •  Computer Applications

Courses are reinforced by the specialized bibliography of  LE MONDE Institute.

Students learn from full time faculty members, dedicated to teaching, research and service.

Our graduates familiarize with new technologies and e-Tourism.

Potential Candidates

  •  Should be distinguished for their ease of communicating, their inclination for foreign languages as well as their organizational skills.
  •  They should also combine kindness, consistency and formality in their work and their love for travelling.



The Travel agent is the executive who deals with the organization, operation and management of travel agencies, tourist offices and airline companies.

To be a successful travel agent one must be well-organized, accurate, detail-oriented, professional and courteous. Good writing and interpersonal skills as well as sales ability are also necessary.


  •  Up to 70-80% savings to some of the world’s most enviable destinations
  •  Four, Five and Six Star resorts and cruises
  •  Amazing savings on last minute, blowout travel inventories
  •  Access to fantastic FAMs (familiarization trips)
  •  Ability to book group travel or travel for friends, family, and business associates
  •  The ability to continue your travel education for even more industry certifications and even bigger savings


  •  Plans and sells transportation and accommodations for travel agency customers
  •  Collects payment for transportation and accommodations from customers
  •  Converses with customers to determine destination, mode of transportation, travel dates, financial considerations, and accommodations required
  •  Books transportation and hotel reservations, using computer terminal or telephone
  •  Plans, describes, arranges, and sells itinerary tour packages and promotional travel incentives offered by various travel carriers, utilizing knowledge of available travel services and promotional techniques
  •  Provides customer with brochures and publications containing travel information, such as local customs, points of interest, or foreign country regulations
  •  Print or request transportation carrier tickets, using computer printer system or system link to travel carrier
  •  Collects payment for transportation and accommodation from customers
  •  Nowadays, tourist agencies have entered a new phase, with highly complex functions and needs, that require qualified faculty members who are in contact with new technologies.

Employment Opportunities

  •  Travel agents and agencies
  •  Airlines and shipping companies
  •  Companies organizing conferences and exhibitions
  •  Hotels & Resorts
  •  Public and private tourism organizations
  •  Airports
  •  Car rental companies and tourist boats
  •  Cruise Ships
  •  Transport Companies
  •  Creation of a private tourism company
  •  Online travel agenciesΤουριστικά γραφεία και πρακτορεία


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