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Pastry Chef


Course Description

The “Pastry Chef – Professional Confection Production” curriculum intends to create pastry chefs, that will gain the experience and skills so as to be able to manage their own businesses, update the family business or work in renowned pastry shops and restaurants.

The combination of laboratory and theoretical training creates professionals able to prepare all kinds of sweets and desserts, performing with accuracy recipes of traditional or modern confectionery, based on fresh ingredients and authentic raw materials such as sugar, eggs, milk, chocolate, flour, etc.

Training systematically cultivates the tasteful and aesthetic criteria of students while giving them the opportunity to control and familiarize with the quality of raw materials, work with precision all kinds of professional machinery, establish sanitary and safety conditions, extend the range of produced sweets and pastries. They also acquire basic knowledge on food knowledge, food chemistry, principles of nutrition and dietetics; while at the same time learn the techniques needed for promoting products, things that will help them in the acquisition of a personal bakery of pastry business.

Educational visits and seminars by specialized pastry chefs help in the continuous expanding of the students’ creativity horizons.
Paid internship, by the completion of the first year of studies, familiarize students with working conditions and brings them closer to valuable professional opportunities.

Vocational rehabilitation comes by the end of the studies, in establishments and businesses that trust and rely on the high level of graduates of LE MONDE Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies.

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Program Duration

The course lasts two years and course sessions begin every October and February.

Indicative Course’s List

  •  Decorative Pastry Art
  •  Pastry Art
  •  Culinary Elements
  •  Art of Bakery
  •  Food Chemistry-Microbiology
  •  English terminology
  •  Principles of Food Legislation
  •  French terminology
  •  Catering-HACCP
  •  Dietetics-Nutrition
  •  Cost Control
  •  Professional Bakery & Pastry Equipment
  •  Raw Material
  •  Restaurant Elements
  •  Principles of Sanitation
  •  Computer Application

Lessons are reinforced by the specialized bibliography of LE MONDE Institute.

Teaching is conducted by top pastry chefs with extensive professional experience, while modern high-standard workshops, suitable for educational purposes are being used.

Potential Candidates

Should have creativity and imagination, high aesthetic criteria, enjoy sweets and desserts and wanting to explore new tastes and experiment on dessert and sweets decoration and presentation.



Pastry Chef is one who can turn basic raw materials such as sugar, eggs, chocolate, flour and milk, into creative gastronomic delights.


  •  Immediate professional placement
  •  High remuneration and social recognition
  •  Steadily increasing demand
  •  Strong creativity
  •  Highly sophisticated profession
  •  Ability to create an individual business (patisserie, pastry shop, bakery)


  •  Makes desserts, petits-fours, ice-creams and all kinds of sweets.
  •  Combines inborn inspiration with deep knowledge of recipes and preparation methods.
  •  Applies principles of dietetics, calories-counting and nutrition.
  •  Coordinates with responsibility the personnel.
  •  Estimates the cost of the produced products.
  •  Experiments with lab tests to broaden the range of products he produces.
  •  Is responsible for the supplies and makes quality control of the products.
  •  Undertakes the promotion of confectionery products and raw materials.
  •  Plans for the continuous improvement of the product she produces.
  •  Market liberalization and the entry of large stores in the pastry and bakery field, create a huge demand for professionals that will renew and modernize every small and medium sized pastry and bakery shop.

Employment Opportunities

  •  Bakery and pastry labs
  •  Hotel units
  •  Restaurants
  •  Pastry shops-bakeries
  •  Companies of raw materials
  •  Companies of manufactured pastry products
  •  Caterings
  •  Cruise ships
  •  Institutions
  •  Food & Beverage Industries
  •  Creation of a personal pastry, bakery or catering business


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