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Hotel Management


Course Description

The “Hotel Management” curriculum provides students with the necessary knowledge in order to deal with the dynamic fields of Hotel Management and Catering.

The combination of the excellent theoretical and practical training in fully equipped and modern facilities gives our students the possibility to get in touch with the real demands of this specific speciality and prepares them in the most appropriate way in order to cope with an environment as competitive as the Hotel Management.

The enrichment of the programme with a series of specialised seminars and educational visits in standard professional establishments-gives to students the possibility to familiarise with future working conditions and obtain a wide range of knowledge in the areas of their expertise.

The program guarantees the exclusive direct internship from the first year of studies, in leading companies of the tourism industry, so that students can enhance their cv with the necessary experience.

The Placement Office is responsible for the graduates’ placement in the tourism industry.

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Program Duration

The course lasts 2 years (4 academic semesters) and course sessions begin every October and February.

Indicative Courses List

Curriculum covers the whole range of a modern hotel’s operation:

  •  Principles of economics
  •  Bar – Wine Science
  •  Public Relations
  •  Hotel Management
  •  Human Resources Management
  •  Introduction to tourism
  •  e-Tourism
  •  Computer Applications
  •  Food & Beverage Management
  •  Ηospitality Marketing
  •  Accounting of Hotel Enterprises
  •  Main courante
  •  Hospitality Marketing
  •  Tour Operation
  •  Foreign Language (English, German,Italian)
  •  Economics of Hotel Enterprises
  •  Event Planning
  •  Food& Beverage Operations
  •  Organization & Management of Hotel Enterprises
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Quality Customers Service
  •  Principles of Hospitality Legislation
  •  Tourism Geography
  •  Economics of Tourism Enterprises
  •  Principles of Tourism & European Policy
  •  Tourism Psychology
  •  Introduction to Tourism Law
  •  Food Knowledge-Menu Planning
  •  Principles of Sanitation
  •  Computer Science
  •  Dissertation

Courses are reinforced by the specialised bibliography of LE MONDE Institute.

Students learn from full time faculty members, dedicated to teaching, research and service. Learning takes place in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories equivalent of a hotel unit.

Potential Candidates

  •  Should be polite, with ease of communication, interest in quality service and socializing
  •  They acquire the possibility of instant professional absorption as well as a career in national and international level, with high remunerations and bonuses
  •  Working in a pleasant environment, such as hotels and food companies, provides our students with unique life experiences that only the tourism industry can offer.



The role of the Hotel Manager is to organize and manage the hotel units in an effective and integral way, as the intense competition in the tourism field of tourism requires.


  •  Ευχάριστο περιβάλλον εργασίας
  •  Δυνατότητα απασχόλησης σε πολλά τμήματα του ξενοδοχείου
  •  Υψηλές απολαβές και bonus
  •  Γρήγορη επαγγελματική εξέλιξη
  •  Ιδιαίτερα επικοινωνιακό επάγγελμα
  •  Επαγγελματικό κύρος
  •  Κοινωνική αναγνώριση
  •  Δυνατότητα διεθνούς καριέρας

Αντικείμενο Εργασίας

  •  programmes the hotel reservations in collaboration with tourism agencies
  •  works at the reception and at the welcoming and customers service department of the hotel
  •  works in administrative departments of the hotel with the main objective of managing the financial, marketing, human resources and sales matters
  •  works in the catering sections of the hotel, arranging the food supply and organizing the bar & restaurant operation
  •  organizes conventions and events
  •  has the possibility of being promoted up to the rank of General Hotel Manager
  •  organizes the budget and plans the financial programme
  •  works on the marketing & advertising promotion
  •  hires, checks and supervises the personnel
  •  is informed of customer complaints and ensures their resolution
  •  ensures maintenance of buildings
  •  Greek hotel companies need qualified counterparts so as to improve their services and live up to the international competition.

Placement Opportunities

  •  Hotels and hotel groups
  •  Cruise ships
  •  Casinos
  •  Conference rooms
  •  Luxury Restaurants
  •  Catering Businesses
  •  Theme parks
  •  Ecotourism units
  •  Tourism industry
  •  Creation of a personal tourism business


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