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Beer Culture Culinary Contest with 14 awards

LE MONDE Institute of Hotel & Tourism Studies and the ATHENIAN BREWERY organized for the first time the great culinary contest entitled BEER CULTURE CULINARY CONTEST. The theme of the contest was creative recipes based on beer and was addressed to all second-year students of the chef and pastry chef course of LE MONDE.

The final stage of the Beer Culture Culinary Contest was held with great success in May, inside the premises of LE MONDE and more specifically at the specially designed and fully equipped laboratories of our Institute, with the support of the Athenian Brewery.
It was obvious from the very beginning that the 14 finalists and 7 members of the committee that gathered at LE MONDE, were ready for a head to head battle. Students competed in three different groups, and awaited anxiously for their turn to prove to the committee that their dish was the best! While they were waiting, they had the opportunity to watch through special monitors their colleagues preparing their dishes.

The contestants weren’t at all intimidated neither by the strict time limits, as they had one hour at their disposal to complete their work, nor by the members of the committee that supervised them throughout the competition and proved to all of us all that despite their age they do have the professionalism required.

Each student prepared two plates, one for the tasting procedure conducted by the committee and one for the presentation and photo shoot. As soon as each workgroup had finished their dishes, members of the committee tasted their creations. All students had the chance to interact personally with them and exchange opinions and comments on their recipe and the way it was presented.

The agony reached its peak when, at the end of this long but still beautiful day, members of the committee announced the final results!

Based on the score, the first winner in the chef-category was Nikolouzos Harilaos, who won a 5 months scholarship for the Eurochef –Professional Postgraduate Course and a weekend trip to Holland including a tour to the HEINEKEN Museum. Nikolopoulou Kiriaki won the second place and Kardaris Agelos won the third place, and they also won a weekend trip to Holland. Last but not least, Mandyla Alexia was the one and only winner in the pastry chef-category, and she will have the opportunity to attend for free the Europastry Chef –Professional Postgraduate Course of LE MONDE Institute and also travel to Holland for 2 days where she will have the chance to visit the HEINEKEN Museum. All of the winners’ prizes were sponsored by the Athenian Brewery.

The contest ended in a festive atmosphere with the awarding of prizes to the contestants and many commemorative photos!

We would like to thank the members of the committee, and more specifically Mr. Velissaropoulo Maki, Mr. Alexiadi Anastasio, Mr. Kalosaka Maki, Mrs. Kontovraki Marni, Mr. Panagouli Achillea, Mr. Peskia Christophoro and Mr. Protopsalti Anastasio as well as the Athenian Brewery for their outstanding contribution throughout the whole procedure of the contest.

Published: 3/4/2013