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An educational visit to the “ New” Hotel in Syndagma.

On Friday 6th April 2012, students from Le Monde Institute studying “Hotel Management” visited the “ New” Hotel in Syndagma. The visit was organized in connection to the teaching module :” hotel organization and operations: and students were escorted by professor Mr. Saris.


Students were guided around the hotel by Mrs. Lissaiou who is the events manager as well as Mr. papaefstathiou ,the guest relation’s manager. Students got the chance to visit a boutique hotel decorated by the Campana brothers who were influenced both by the carnival in Brazil as well as the Greek traditions. Their creations include parts of furniture and shoes. With the assistance of students from the University of Thessaly, the designers created handmade chairs and lamps whilst keeping the characteristics of the hotel building intact.

We would like to thank Mr. D. Valiraki, the hotel manager for his hospitality.