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A Friendly football match between the women’s teams: German School of Athens and Le monde: 4-1

Monday 13th January 2014 at 4pm.
For the first time ever we have a huge number of girls who are interested in football and thus took part in the football match that took place at the German School of Athens in Marousi. Our team started off very well succeeding in scoring a goal. During the match however, the DSA team managed to also score a goal. The second half of the match was extremely tiring and DSA team scored 3 more goals. Le Monde team tried their best but they are used to playing 5×5 instead of 9×9. The players of our team are: Tsolou, Lembesi, Dova, Gorgis, Hondrogianni, Zografou, Karidi, Xatzisavva, Kapoutsou