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M3 vs. TEM33: 9-4

It was a match amongst Chefs. No spoons or knives just a ball and a goal in order to win the Le Monde championship.

It was a common secret that the team of M3 was abit better than the other four that participated in the tournament (TEM 33,32,6,47). All they had to do was prove this on Wednesday evening. And so they did, as the score at the end of the first half was 5-0. During the second half of the match, the players from the opponent team, TEM 33 managed to score 4 goals. The final score was 9-4 with the winning team being M3. We would like to thank all those students who participated and seemed as though they had a good time.

M3 students: Kavvadas Th, Sapountzis N, mavrakis B, Spanomaridis S, Tsoukalas D

TEMA 33: Andreadis S, karadimas S, Fradzeskos N, Lisikatos D, rrapaj D, lambrakis, Rizakis