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4 gold medals at the ARTOZYMA Exhibition

One more great success for LE MONDE, took place in Thessaloniki

Dimogerontaki Marianna and Kavoutsioti Athina, students in the second year of studies, participated in the Culinary Contest organized by the CHEF’S CLUB of THESSALONIKI, within the framework of the ARTOZYMA exhibition.

Both girls competed with their assistants: Piakoulaki Dimitri and Giannopoulo Kiriako, in two categories of Pastry Creation.

They won 4 gold medals and the audience gave them a big round of applause. Their innate talent combined with the knowledge and skills acquired in LE MONDE, were only two of the ingredients for their success. Coached by their teacher Mr. Anastasio Protopsalti, Executive Pastry Chef and teacher at LE MONDE Institute, contestants surpassed the stress and the pressure of time and managed to win the commendation of the judges. Young children proved in practice that they do have future in the Gastronomy field.