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Τhe Archbishop of Greece Hieronymus B congratulated the professors and students of Le Monde Institute for their Charity work.

On Tuesday 1st April, the archbishop of Greece Hieronymus B dined at the Dimitrion Center of creativeness of the “Apostoli” along with the 62 children who are taken care of at the centre.


This creative center for children is of European standards and takes care of and houses 62 children. The centre takes responsibility for their everyday lives: food, clothes, shoes, medical care and education. In This way, the centre offers assistance to families of a very low income. Le Monde students and professors, actively participate in this effort of the “ Apostoli” philanthropic organization by providing meals on a  daily basis.

During the dinner, the archbishop made reference to this offer and spoke with flattering words about the professors and students. The dinner was prepared by le monde cooking students whilst the serving was done by students of the hotel courses. At the end of the evening, the children presented the students of Le Monde with a beautiful picture full of Easter wishes. We, from our part,  would like to thank all the professors and students of Le Monde who have participated in this effort .